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Data collection


The staff at this practice record information about you and your health so that you can receive the right care and treatment. We need to record this information, together with the details of the care you receive, so that it is available each time we see you.

The information recorded about you may be used for reasons other than your personal care, for example, to help to protect the health of the general public, to plan for the future, to train staff and to carry out medical and other health research.

We are involved in research studies which require access to anonymous information from patients’ notes. You cannot be identified from these notes as all personal details (name, address, post code, full date of birth) are removed. Individual patients’ records are added into a much larger anonymous database from many patients across the UK which is used by researchers outside this practice. This data may be anonymously linked to other data, such as hospital data.

If anything to do with the research would require that you provide additional information about yourself, you will be contacted by us to see if you are willing to take part; you will not be identified in any published results.

You may have the right to demand that this record is not shared with anyone who is not involved in the provision of your direct healthcare.

If you wish to enquire further as to your rights in respect of not sharing information on this record then please contact our Data Protection Officer.

To find out more about the wider use of confidential personal information pleae visit https://digital.nhs.uk/services/national-data-opt-out-programme.

If you wish your data not to be shared you can op-out;

Please click here to download our Data Sharing Consent Form, please make sure that you tick the appropriate box before handing it to our receptionist