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Our New Normal Way of Working is “Total Digital Triage Model”

Dr Shantir’s Practice has remained open during Covid pandemic although working very differently with increased digital and remote consultations. We have put in place a number of measures to keep patients and staff safe during the Covid-19 crisis so that they can continue to provide the safe care needed.

A reception screen has been fitted around the reception desk to protect staff and patients. Our Patient Participation Group has been actively involved in quality improvement work with Practice during this difficult and challenging time.

There have been some real positives come out of Covid-19. One of the biggest is the total triage system which will now be used going forward. It is a much more efficient and effective way of dealing with patients. We are definitely dealing with more patients a day, with up to 95% of patients are being dealt with remotely. We are embracing new technology and adapting our triage system that we had in place.

Our new surgery model is:
1. Online consultation first – if you want to contact one of our GPs, we will ask you to fill in an online consultation form (click e-consultations) although if you are elderly, vulnerable or have a disability, you can bypass the form. We’re making good use of these forms in a large number of cases and it is actually a very short consultation process compared to our 10-minute face-to-face model.
2. Telephone consultation – if we can’t resolve the patient’s query through the online triage form.
3. Video consultation – if we need see something to triage or make a diagnosis.
4. Face-to-face consultation – only if absolutely necessary, mainly where we need to physically touch a patient to establish what’s wrong.
5. Please note any digital image submitted as part of an online consultation, will be stored within your clinical notes, for this reason, please do not send any intimate images.

We want our patients to know that that Surgery is fully open and Covid-19 secure. We have taken steps to ensure safety of patients and staff. All of our services are now available online from start point i.e new patient registration to picking a prescription directly from Pharmacy to limit spread of Covid-19. Please DO NOT come to surgery until advised by our clinician.